Having completed a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Contemporary Art Research I made the audacious decision to undertake a Practice-based PhD in Contemporary Art Research. The MA was an enjoyable experience but it served to emphasise my academic inadequacies, I am not sure how I shall fare with this endeavour.

As of January 2013, I have been accepted as a PhD candidate at LICA, Lancaster University: to undertake an Art Practice-based PhD. I have until January 2017 to complete this task.

My research is based on my art practice and my interest in family photograph archives and our relationship with snapshot photography. and the role of snapshot photographs in relation to memory.

My PhD submission will consist of a thesis of not less than 60K words and an exhibition, based on my studio practice-based research, equivalent to at least 20K words.

UPDATE: January 2018

I submitted my completed Thesis at the end of December 2016. I sat my Viva Voca in March 2017 and was awarded a PhD subject to minor amendments and corrections. The amended thesis was resubmitted in June 2017 and subsequently accepted. My certificate was issued following the submission of my completed hardbound Thesis to the Lancaster University Library in October 2017.

I graduate in December 2017.

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