Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why a PhD? Why not?

Well, why not? Having just completed an MA in Contemporary Art Research and I am poised to start on a PhD. The MA was an enjoyable experience but it served to emphasise my academic inadequacies. Hardly surprising when you consider that I dropped out of 6th form after 3 months because I believed I was not cut out for academia and found myself a job. As a very practical person with a scientific bent, I had spent most of my time trying to blow my self up or stinking out my bedroom What better career than to become a lab technician? As there were no vacancies in the stink bomb department I joined the Veterinary School at Liverpool University. I realised that if I was to make my fortune it would not be at the University so I moved on to set up a private laboratory for a veterinary practice. A few years later I was head-hunted, with an offer I could not refuse, to run what was one of the first private veterinary labs. The lab was subsequently sold and I was made redundant. So, together with a colleague, we started my own business, a Veterinary Pathology Laboratory.