Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Writers Diet

The Writers Diet Test is a diagnostic tool that assesses whether your sentences are flabby or fit. Originally developed for academic writers, the test has also proven popular with students, technical writers, business analysts, journalists, and even fiction writers. 

Based on a simple algorithm, the Writers Diet Test calculates the fitness of your writing sample in each of five grammatical categories. The higher the percentage of highlighted words, the flabbier your score.

I tried Writers Diet when I was writing the abstract for a paper, the first time I had undertaken such a task. Using this tool I managed to get my writing from the Heart Attack zone into the Lean (best) and Fit & Trim zones. I learned more about the correct usage of words by analysing those 500 words than I learnt in 5 years of English lessons. Analysis reduced the number of "flabby" prepositions in this piece making it Fit & Trim!

This is a display of the analysis of these words.

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