Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mind Mapping

Mind Maps are an aspect of academic life that has passed me by despite suffering from Mind Map envy. I have tried paper, white board and a variety of software options without any enduring success. I was particularly envious of my 8 year old granddaughter who the other evening proceeded to explain the complexities of falling in and out of friends at school by means of a series of graphic Mind Maps on my white board. Very impressive and so natural. Whilst browsing a link from a PhD Blog that I subscribe to, I found myself sympathising with a fellow dysfunctional Mind Map drop-out on The PhD Pimpernel Blog. PhD Pimpernel Blog however, seems to have discovered an answer to the Mind Map dilemma, a piece of software for the iPad, SimpleMind. I was reminded of the occasion I was first introduced to Mind Maps, it was 1974, a programme on BBC TV Use Your Head by Tony Buzzan. I was amazed to discover Tony is actually 2 years older than myself, he seemed so young on the TV!

But what of SimpleMind,  The PhD Pimpernel Blog seemed so enthusiastic about SimpleMind and how is its simple functionality broke through the Mind Map logjam, I just had to have a try. There is a free version but I discovered that this did not allow me to do what I wanted to do (crafty) so I had to splash out the grand sum of £2.99 on the paid for version SimpleMind+.

In part 2 of the post, Mind Mapping II, the discussion tales in the various Mind Mapping options, paper, white boards etc and then moves on to software. Finishing with a very enthusiastic plug for the SimpleMind+ app for the iPad. First impressions are quite favourable. There does seem to be sparse support in the way of help FAQ's,

The SimppleMind software is also available as desktop option for Windows and MAC based computers and tablets and so as not to leave anyone out there is an Android app as well. It must be said the Desktop options are very expensive compared with the iPad  app price.

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